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This is why we created a hotel where everyone is free to customize their stay and finally stop paying for the things they don’t use.

Why Stay at Kompose

Kompose is the first hotel brand designed to give your freedom of choice.

Our guests get to “Kompose” their stay – anything from just a bed all the way to a full 4-star experience. We’re for independent, free-thinkers, and value-conscious guests who don’t want to be told what to do or how to be. We embrace the idea of choice and individualism, and we refuse to force you to choose between price and quality. We created Kompose for you. Come experience it for yourself.

What Does a Kompose Room Features? At Kompose, you get everything you would expect for a great night of sleep but a few fun details on top of that! Not only did we beat competitors on price but we also offer “feel-good” features that we just can’t stop bragging about








What is our Sleep and Go Rate? We promise every guest a great night of sleep at a fair price. So, if a comfortable bed and a nice hot shower is all you want, then our sleep & go option is the perfect fit for you! Our Sleep & Go rate includes basic amenities that will give you a comfortable night of sleep but no access to extra amenities such as the pool or the gym. Our sleep and go rate is the best value rate.





Why is everything A La Carte? Our guests want flexibily and personalization, which is why we have completely unbundled the hotel offer to create freedom of choice with each amenity. Our five core values define our philosophy at Kompose and shape how we do everything.







What is All inclusive vs Unbundling?

Staying in all-inclusive hotel also means paying for all of the amenities you don’t use. Without compromising or having to give up on an environment that you love, we opted for unbundling, where you pay only for the things you want and nothing more!

Are there any hidden charges at check-in?

We absolutely do not believe in hidden charges! fill of our charges are listed on our website and thoroughly explained. We recognize that our competitors charge for all these services in their all-exclusive rates but we opt to do things differently out of and For information on our experience upgrades please see our MENU tab.

Why do you charge for parking?

We’re glad you asked. Our guests come to Kompose in ways as unique as they are. In addition to driving, our guests Uber or Lvft, take a taxi, and carpool. Some even walk or bike to us.  We have talked about how fairness is one of our core values. In fact, fairness is in our DNA. and so, in fairness to our guests who choose alternative transportation, we charge only for vehicles that sleep in our parking lot overnight.

Why do you charge for cleaning?

When we started unbundling the hotel experience, we had a thought: why not make daily cleaning services optional, and give the freedom of choice back to our guests? The freedom to opt out of daily cleaning helps us deliver value to our guests, and has the added benefit of being good for the environment! Not everyone needs their room fully cleaned daily, but we do replenish towels and empty trash daily for free of charge anyways 🙂

Why do you charge for Fast Wi-Fi?

We understand that Wi-Fi is now becoming as important as a bed and a shower, we also have learned that most of our guests are happy to use their cell service or personal hotspots to meet their needs for the night. Our free basic WIFI has plenty of broadband and speed to please 99,99% of our guests. With this said, we also know that when powerful WiFi is needed to download documents or stream for a long period of time,  it is crucial that it is the best of the best to avoid any frustration. So while we offer free basic wifi- we charge for a high quality fast wifi, from which you will not regret the quality.

Can I purchase upgrades on property?

The easiest wow to customize your stay is while you are booking on our website. However, we understand that you may decide to upgrade your stay after booking. It’s important to us that our guests ore able to Kompose their stay exactly how they want, and so all of our add-ons are also available for purchase onsite, either in person at the front desk. If you want to know more about our upgrades or how to Kompose your stay, please call or email us!

We would be more than happy to answer any additional Questions! Get In Touch for Additional Inquiries.